Good news! We pushed Salut version 1.0.191 to the app stores this week. Be sure to update your app for iOS and Android

Among other improvements, including better performance monitoring and bugs fixes, we implemented a very important first step in abuse prevention. 

Salut is a place for everyone to create and join fitness communities where they feel safe, motivated, comfortable, and most of all where they can create long term healthy habits. In order for that to happen, we must prevent abusive behavior including harassment, hateful and violent speech, and sexual content. 

If you see content, speech, or behavior that you believe is a violation of the above rules in particular, or our Terms of Service in general, follow the instructions below. 


Please send an email to to report a user who has violated these terms of service. Please include as much information as you can including: 

  • Salut handle of the user.
  • Trainer studio where this incident occurred.
  • Date and time of the incident, as best as you can.
  • Description of the user behavior
  • Screenshot if you have one.

Our Promise

We will start an investigation within 24 hours of the report and block the user quickly if we deem it appropriate. The blocked user’s account will be removed from Salut and, if the individual is a trainer, their classes will also be hidden.