ANNOUNCING: International Yoga Day

Salut will be celebrating International Yoga Day and we want to invite you to be a part of this very special event that strives to raise awareness around the benefits of this mind and body practice. This years theme is “Yoga at home and Yoga with family."

When: Monday, June 21


What day should I schedule a class? Classes can be scheduled anytime on Monday, June 21st.

What type of classes can I offer? You can offer yoga, mediation, recovery, stretch or workshop-formatted sessions (ex. Breaking down Warrior 2)

Is there anything else I should know as it relates to this event? Yes, every instructor who teaches a Yoga class as a part of this event will be shipped a Salut branded Yoga mat to use in their class as well as a mat to giveaway to one special attendee.

Can classes be any length? Absolutely. Feel free to create any length class.

What if I don’t teach Yoga, can I still participate? Yes, you can do one of two things: (1) You can offer a complimentary modality such as stretch or recovery. Or (2) You can participate as a student that day in any of the Yoga classes that are offered. If you decide to go with option two then you’ll receive a Salut branded Yoga mat shipped directly to your home as a thank-you for supporting another trainer.

Will there be any social media assets provided by Salut to promote this event? Yes, our Social Media Manager will be providing a dropbox link in the coming days with editable templates for your optional use.

We’ll send a few reminders leading up to the event, but we hope you’ll mark your calendars now for this must not miss event!