ANNOUNCING: Social Media Day

Social Media Day was created as a way of recognizing the impact that social media has had on communications around the world, as well as bringing people together to celebrate. This year Salut will be celebrating this day with the launch of our ’Salut to You’ campaign.

When: Wednesday, June 30


What does the campaign entail? This is your chance to highlight one of your clients. This could be a client that has made the biggest transformation or has greatly supported you over the years and anything in between. In other words, who would you want to give a shoutout to?

What happens after I’ve selected a client to highlight? You’ll use the editable template provided by our Social Media Manager and either post it to your feed or post a story on June 30th.

When will the templates be available for our use? We will have these available to you at least one week prior to the event. A separate email will be sent to you in the coming weeks that will include a dropbox link to the templates you’ll need to use along with our requested hashtags.

Is there anything else I should know? Yes. Once we see your post go live, we’ll send a Salut hat to the client in which you’ve chosen to highlight.

This will be a fabulous way to say thank-you to one of your most loyal clients so we hope that you’ll join us on this day in celebrating those individuals in which you’ve meaningfully impacted through your class programming, motivation and so much more!