This is everything you need to know to get started with your new virtual fitness studio.‍ Also detailed here in this handy PDF

Profile and Class Creation

  1. Sign Up - Create an account with your email address and pick a unique studio profile name. This is your chance to claim your Salut handle. It can be your Instagram handle or any other fun and memorable name. If you sign up soon, you may even get your first name!
  2. Create your Studio Profile - Be sure to pick a really good studio banner image. Tell the world everything about you, your disciplines, your philosophy, and your certifications.
  3. Schedule your Classes - Be sure you include as much information as you can about each class including required equipment, duration, etc. Schedule a set of classes so that your clients know when to come back over a period of a couple weeks.

Phone Settings 

Be sure that your phone settings are set such that your phone won’t automatically sleep or auto-lock after a period of time. In the iPhone, these settings are in “Display & Brightness.”

How to Promote your Classes

  1. Link to your Salut profile everywhere - Your unique profile link looks like this: (replace "profile" with your studio handle). This link brings your customers directly to your profile with no need to search or browse.
  2. Share, share, share - We will help amplify all your social content. But you have to put it out there.
  3. Announce your profile - This is very important. Please announce your move to Salut, the coolest new thing in fitness.
  4. Promote every class, every time - Your customers WANT TO KNOW when your upcoming classes are. Get people hyped, ask them to attend, then hold them accountable.
  5. Share after class - Share screenshots of your session on Instagram, and tag your clients.
  6. Make your classes the center of conversation - Encourage your customers to screenshot your session and share it on Instagram.
  7. Use Email - Don’t forget about email. A simple weekly email to your friends, family and clients with a screenshot of your calendar can be very effective.

How to Run Your Classes

  1. Be Welcoming - Welcome everyone into your class. Call them by their name. Ask them questions about their day. Encourage chat engagement. “Give me a thumbs up if you’re feeling good!”
  2. Be High Energy - Your customers feed off your energy and attitude.
  3. Be Engaging - This is live video. It’s happening now. Check in on chat periodically in between movements. Ask questions. Answer questions and comments.
  4. Take Your Time - Your class is as much a social experience as it is a fitness class. Give your customers some time in the beginning and the end of your class. Imagine you’re chatting after class with your favorite clients.
  5. Experiment - Try new things and new formats. Maybe mix things up with a cooking hour? Mindfulness sessions? Simple Q&A sessions? Find your unique offering that drives community engagement.

How to Make Money

Simple: You must ask for DONATIONS. Unlike Instagram or Zoom, Salut has donations built into the app. When your customers donate, they are recognized by an automated chat bot. This social reinforcement is important!

Asking for donations may feel uncomfortable. It shouldn't. You are a professional who offers a valuable service and you should be compensated for it. Get comfortable saying to your customers: "I love doing these classes with you! I do this for a living. The only way I can keep doing this is with your help. Your donations are appreciated!" 

Also remember to verbally thank each and every person who has donated. It makes your customers feel good and will keep them coming back. 

* Suggestion: Consider dedicating some percentage of your donations to your favorite charity. You customers will feel even better about donating.

How to Keep your Customer Coming Back

  1. Invite them to come back - So much in life is about asking for exactly what you want. You want your customers to come back. Ask them to.
  2. Remind them of your calendar - Remind your customers of your calendar early and often. “Next class is Tuesday at 10am!” Promote regularly via social media.
  3. Create a narrative - This is the cliffhanger effect. Start something today that isn’t completed until the following class. Or, create a 1 month or 3 month challenge. Make it goal based.
  4. Be Predictable - You should try to create a habit for your customers. They thrive off of predictability. Do your classes at the same time, same day. Help them know what to expect. Start and end class in a similar fashion.
  5. Be Unique - What is your unique take on fitness? How is your community different than others? Don’t be afraid to be different. It’s a strength, not a weakness!