Here's everything you need to know to get started on SALUT!

1. On-Boarding Presentation

Description: Are you looking for information about how to get started using Salut, teaching your first class, payroll and more? This is a great presentation to review especially if you're brand new to teaching on the Salut App.

2. Brand Presentation:

Description: Do you want to know more about Salut, how we got started and where we're going? This is the presentation to check out!

3. Welcome to Salut Webinar:

Description: This webinar is a blend of our on-boarding and brand presentation all rolled into one!

4. Introducing Salut Memberships:

Description: This presentation introduces you to our membership strategy and how Salut memberships benefit your digital business.

5. Memberships: Set Up 'How To' Review

Description: This presentation guides you through exactly how memberships work, payroll and much more so you feel ready to activate your membership successfully.

6. Social Media Presentation

Description: Our social media manager guides you through the best practices to promote your brand.