Hi everyone! I wanted to pass along a support note we got from one of the consumers on the app. It's a very good reminder to be consistent with your classes. When you schedule a class, it's VERY important that you teach that class, even if you expect only a few people to show up.

What you do is so important. Thank you for everything you do for your clients. You want them to build a healthy habit attending your classes. Every class is a new opportunity to help them do that.

Every customer is important and can become the the catalyst for building a large community and your longterm business.



I'm curious how I can contact the instructors that are offering classes.

What happens often is that I'll see classes listed, I'll add them to my calendar, and then when I show up the classes and happening. It's just been removed from the instructor's schedule. This is really disappointing because I often plan in advance to be able to attend these classes... The latest example [redacted]. He had a [redacted] class scheduled for today followed by a [redacted] class. I've been looking forward to both all week. Now they're just completely gone off his schedule. Not cool.

Thank you.