We have some exciting news. Since launching six weeks ago, your top two feature requests have consistently been 1) Full Screen Video and 2) Group Video. We're now launching both.  

Starting later this evening, Salut version 1.0.208 will be available in the app stores. This will require you and your customers to update the app before you're able to open it.

Full Screen

This has been the most requested feature by far, and we're excited to bring it to life. Now, when you teach your classes, your video will be 2X bigger. It takes up the whole screen and chat is visible as an overlay. This is a much more efficient way to leverage screen real estate. Your customers will recognize it because it's closer to an Instagram Live or TikTok experience.

Group Video

As a trainer, you will now have the option to enable group video so that you can see your customers, and they can see each other. When you start a class, you will see a group video icon on the upper right. Simply click on it to enable group video. 

Your customers will see something like the screenshot below. In order to join your group video, they simply click the "Join Stream" button on the upper right. This is where their video will appear. The four thumbnails to the left of that will automatically scroll through all of your customers, no matter how many are in your class. 

Note that these are OPTIONAL features. We know that some of you are more comfortable with a one-way broadcasting style. And we know that some of your customer will prefer to remain anonymous. That's okay! But we believe that group video will be a very compelling experience that will keep you customers coming back. 

Full Screen and Group Video
Full Screen and Group Video