1. Share your profile everywhere! Remember, your profile link is joinsalut.com/profile (replace "profile" with your Salut handle). This link, no matter where your customer click on it, will bring them to your profile and class calendar. From here, your customers can add your class to their personal calendar. 

2. In addition to your current client base and social following, ask your friends and family to come to one of your classes. Really, simply send them an email with a link to your studio, the time and date, and ask them to come. They'll be delighted to take one of your classes. It's super fun to connect with your loved ones in this way. 

3. Make your class an event. Maybe you're raising money for your favorite charity, or a local cause. Make your class a rallying cry where you donate your proceeds to fundraising. Rallying your community around a cause can be a very powerful way to not only kickstart your Salut studio, but also do some good in the world.