Install the latest version for iOS and Android. We've made some fun improvements.

Attendee Count 
We fixed a bug where the number of students in your classes sometimes appeared inflated. Now the number will accurately reflect the number of live concurrent students in your class. 

Share Button
We've added a share button to your studio profile. Now, you and your students have an easy way to share your studio's deep link via social, text, and email. Share your studio everywhere, and encourage your students to do the same! 

Welcome Chat Messages
We've created a series of automatic chat messages that welcome your students into your class. When they arrive in your class, your students will see a chat message like, "Welcome Stephanie! Are you ready to go?" 

Automated Donation Request
After about 20 minutes or so, your students will see an automatic donation request. It says "If you enjoyed this class, be sure to donate to your instructor!"