What's up squad!?
I thought it would be helpful to share some virtual training tips for retention, monetization + accountability.

1. Retention Tips:

* Create the connection. It’s important, especially when building a community that you take the time to make your clients feel seen. Learning their names, remembering small details and acknowledging their progress.

* Keep the conversation going! Follow up with clients after class to ask for feedback and check-in on their experience.

* Customize your workout. Make sure your meeting your clients wants and needs. Offering progressions and regressions for a variety of fitness levels is always a great idea. This way everyone leaves your class feeling successful!

2. Monetization Tips:

* Promote promote promote! No one can promote YOU better than YOU. Our Social Media Presentation is a great place to start when figuring out how to self-promote. 

* The answer is always no unless you ask. It’s important to remind your clients before, after and during class that these are donation based classes. Nicely let them know how much their support means and even if they can’t make the donation right now they can support you by following your Salut page, sharing your classes on social, and telling family and friends!

* Keep the quality content coming! Sometimes quality takes time, but taking that extra time to clean up your space, perfect the lighting, nail the exercise, and adjust the music WILL in fact pay off. 

3. Accountability Tips:

* Define and track your goals! Keep you and your clients engaged and accountable by setting ambitious but realistic goals. Nothing bonds a community quite like achieving goals together!

* Create a support squad! The great thing about group fitness is the feeling of knowing you’re not in this alone. Your one on one relationships with your clients are powerful, but what’s even more powerful is uniting the whole team. 

* Stay positive! Everyone loves feeling acknowledged and rewarded for their hard work. Whether it’s a special follow up message, a post on social, or a tangible item. This is another great way to show your clients that you are invested in their success.

Anyone else have successful tips or strategies to share with the team!?
Let's get better together.