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Asked a question last year

I noticed the video quality during my classes is low even though I have an iPhone 12Pro Max that I’m using. I’ve recently upgraded my internet bandwidth from 75mbps to 600mbps. Will this help the fuzziness? Or is that something controlled by the app?

Matthew DiPietro
Thanks Becky for the report. Do you mean during live class or upon replay? The quality of the video will depend greatly on the network environment, so your upgrade should help a ton. Do me a big favor and send a note to with the location and time of day you noticed the quality issues.
Tracey Cole
I did a class this morning and my replay seemed to lag and was a little glitchy. I got feedback from someone who attended the class and they told me that the music faded in and out but didn't mention anything about the video quality during the live stream. So I am not sure if they gitchiness only happens on the replay?

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