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Emily Schofield
Certified Personal Trainer
Asked a question last year

Newbie to Salut as of today. What are top tips for conducting a successful class? I have been doing classes and training sessions with Zoom on PC, I’m a little nervous about using my phone.

Nicole Petitto
Hi Emily Schofield! This is a great question. I've included some recommendations below...

1. Review our on-boarding presentation pinned at the top of the feed. This will give you a great sense of how the app functions and all the features available to you.

2. What do you currently use for lighting and audio? Our social media manager and fellow Salut trainer Shai Douty would be happy to provide you with some equipment recommendations.

3. When using your phone, ensure that you have turned 'do not disturb' on and that your auto dimmer/energy saving/lock settings are turned off. Also, you'll want to film your classes in portrait mode versus landscape.

4. I recommend doing a 'test class' first with a friend, family or colleague. You can schedule this test class just like you would a regular class on Salut. You can title it 'test' and schedule it for less than 15 minutes. This will allow you to feel comfortable with the settings and controls before teaching your first client-facing class. When you're done with your test class you can delete the workout replay from your trainer dashboard.

I hope these suggestions help you to feel even more comfortable stepping into a mobile forward live streaming experience. Should you have any other questions, please send them my way! :)
Emily Schofield
Nicole Petitto thank you so much! I can’t wait to get started Monday!

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