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FAQ: How can I get Salut on my TV?

You can mirror your phone's screen to most TV's that are on and connected to WiFi. iPhone and Android phones work a bit differently, so here's a quick tutorial on each.


On your iPhone home screen, pull down on... (More)

Important tip:

When streaming, be sure to set your phone's settings so that the screen doesn't automatically lock/sleep. On iPhone you can you can control this in "Display and Brightness".

FAQ: How do I share my Salut studio with clients?

You can link right to your Salut studio. If your clients have the Salut app, it will open immediately to your studio. If they don't have the app, the link will send them to their phone's app store and once... (More)

FAQ: What are the password requirements for Salut?

When you sign-up for Salut, you'll need to choose a password with at least 8 characters with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. You also need to enter it twice to be sure its the same. Scroll down if... (More)