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How Does A GPS Tracking System Work?

GPS technology was a massive breakthrough in the technology world. It created a huge buzz globally when the masses came to know of this innovative technology. Nowadays, it is the center of many modern solutions like fleet management systems. Telematics... (More)

Created Website on CMS WordPress Framework(, and Completed the Journey of writing 50 articles on different Smartphones within 2 months. contact: Samsung Galaxy a12 smartphone, Samsung galaxy a12 128gb, Android operating system, streamlined design, improved camera, smart view, Samsung... (More)
Felicia Watlington
ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, owner/founder SheFire Fitness
Can Pandora be used for background music during the class?

Great question. It works best to play music from an external device. What many trainers do is hang their phone from the top of their computer with a popsocket, then play music from their computer so the phone picks up... (More)