Tuesday class was very glitchy. People could hear me but the picture was blurry and frozen for most of the class while also everyone kept getting booted out of it a few times including me.


Suggestion 1: Would be great if there was a 'Send A Private Message To Your Trainer' button for those to contact us in our outside of class and one for us to be able to make contact with participants. A new person to the app had her first experience with it in my class and it was so glitchy and she got kicked out for the 3rd time and never came back and there was no way to make contact and I'm not sure if she will try the app again.


Suggestion 2: It would be really helpful when people are signing up or creating their profiles with SALUT if there was a prompt up front explaining or giving a brief tutorial so we aren't solely responsible for communicating information about donations, this being a test period, feedback being essential and encouraged as we grow and being fully transparent. I think its ok for us to reinforce what they have already signed up for but, most especially when its their first class, have no idea what to expect and the class goes haywire like that, it can leave a really bad taste in a potential long term client. Transparency is always better, especially when developing so people can know like and trust the process instead of being served what they think is the finished product.


Just thoughts from this week!